MUFC Appeal to friends of Mathare Utd

Dear Friends,

As many people know from the book – I am a fan of the Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA). They are a fantastic organization and deserve (and have received) phenomenal help. Their latest appeal is slightly odd – I enclose it below – but if readers feel inclined I can think of no better football club in the world to give your support to.



Dear friends,


Your favourite football club, Mathare United, and the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) which our club helped create and build over the last few years, are now some of the few “good news” stories in the media these days.

However, a main reason I resigned earlier this year as KPL Chairman was to re-focus more time and energy on MYSA and Mathare United (MUFC). After many years of dedicating more time to KPL than to my own club, Mathare United was and frankly still is struggling to survive financially, especially as many local companies are also struggling in our depressed economy. Many companies are also understandably reluctant to invest in football because of the sad wrangles in our national football association. As usual, it is our clubs and players who suffer most as that harms our chances of attracting new corporate sponsors.

I have another problem that many club chairmen would like to have: our players keep winning.

After losing a few key players to clubs abroad, our team had a difficult start this year. But several talented new players, all from the Mathare slums as is still our policy, helped strengthen the team during the mid-season transfer window. Since then our team has not lost a single match, has rapidly climbed up to third place and is again contending for the Premier League title we won last year. That demonstrates the special loyalty and commitment of our players because, while we managed to pay their basic salaries for their community service and training performance this year, they have not yet received their full match bonuses.

That is why I am appealing to our long-time friends and supporters to help ensure the players get the bonuses they earned and deserve. So, in addition to continuing to knock on the still largely closed doors of local companies, our club is launching a new fundraising initiative among our friends and supporters.

Attached are some 1-page summaries on the history, performance and achievements of our team plus a chart showing the new categories and benefits for individual supporters. Note that the benefits start immediately and continue through the next season until December 2010.

Although this new fundraising campaign started only a few weeks ago, already eight Mathare United friends have kindly signed up for the MUFC 100 Club.

I and our coaches and players would really appreciate it if you would kindly consider joining the MUFC 100 Club as well. But whatever option you choose, we will be grateful if you would transfer the relevant amount to the MUFC account as soon as possible (see account details below).

We are also now rebuilding and will soon re-launch a new, more informative and regularly updated Mathare United website. So even if you are unable to assist now, you will still be able to keep track of the performance and achievements of your team and favourite players better in the future.

If there are other friends who might be interested in supporting our club, please forward this e-mail to them.

With thanks and best wishes,

R. D. Munro
Mathare United FC
Box 63786 Nairobi 00619 Kenya
Mobile 254-722-878787


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